A New Year’s note

This is just a little New Year’s note to confess why it is easy to see the innocence and holiness of all at Daystar.
Those who come to Daystar for help are the remnant of our Leader’s seed. They are not nominal worshippers. They have set out to preclude the Adam dream by refusing to take the medical route. They have surrendered all, trusting divine Truth to break the dream. They are God’s merchandise, and will not be tinkered with by any other method. They refuse to be called just a lot of sick folk, but they are a peculiar people. These are among those who have had more than one proof of God’s care, and are waiting for the next one here and now. They arrive at Daystar, where men as angels serve diligently to help meet their needs. The expressed love of the faithful stewards makes them feel that actually God is loving them.

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