Closeted in Love

In Matthew 6:6, Jesus tells us that when we pray, to enter into our closet and shut the door. Daystar is somewhat like this closet, only you are not the only one in it. The world and all its demands and worries are completely shut out, and best of all, Love and all its facets – consideration, care, thoughtfulness, peace, etc., are closeted with you through the constantly, continuing demonstration of Love by all the staff. You are closeted in the atmosphere of Love.

Whether you reside permanently or are a patient or a short term visitor such as me, healings are inevitable. Daystar is truly a “safe haven” and “closet” from which you emerge a more peaceful and caring person than when you entered.

This may seem like an advertisement, but it isn’t. It’s merely a statement of my personal experiences at Daystar.

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