A healing remembered

This is an account, from my perspective, of a healing my mother had at Daystar. Mom began to feel pain in her joints and to have some difficulty getting around. Since she had always been very active—swimming, hiking, working on their large property—this was alarming to her. In addition, her dad had similarly suffered with the disease, which was supposed to be hereditary, and this frightened her. As time went on she became more and more disabled and restricted in her movement, but contrary to her usual immediacy in handling challenges, she seemed totally mesmerized by the condition. Finally she decided to go to Daystar and get busy in Christian Science.
For several days after she arrived at Daystar, the biggest challenge was to be able to concentrate because of the pain. A Christian Science practitioner assured her that she was simply “hurting to grow”, and likened that to a sapling that is so impelled to grow that it pushes up a block of concrete to reach the light. Mom said that she loved this, and that it changed the way she looked at the problem.
She also said that the practitioner spoke of names for diseases being like snowflakes. Each snowflake might have a different name, and might seem to light at random on different people, but they have no substance and just melt away—and are never part of the individual. This helped her understand the impersonal nature of error, and to see that this was not “her” condition.
When I came to Daystar, to my delight, she ran to the door to meet me! An interesting point – she never mentioned the illness that sent her to Daystar, but she spoke often of the joy of being there, of how she grew and what she learned during her stay.

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