Freedom regained

As a result of a fall which badly injured my knee, I came to Daystar for a haven where I could recover. My decision to go to Daystar came only after trying to recover at home for two weeks, at no avail,- no improvement.

When I first arrived and for several days following, I was unable to lift my leg or bend it deeply. It was almost impossible for me to put on pants or shoes or stockings or dry my feet or wipe between my toes. I was unable to sleep in a bed so I slept in a recliner. I needed arms on a chair for support in getting up.

The loving attendants encouraged me to sleep in a bed and after three days I was able to sleep in the bed, but could only sleep on my back. A couple of nights later I could move over onto one side and then the grand night when I could lay on either side and feel comfortable during my night time sleep.

Soon I graduated from a walker without wheels to a walker with wheels, to no walker at all.

All my needs were being taken care of by the loving, caring staff. The other patients were a pleasure to be with and the whole atmosphere exuded tender, loving care.

The perfect background made it possible for me to advance with my metaphysical study. I delved more deeply into studying to realize the grand truth that God is Spirit and God is All.

The Bible tells us that we are made in God’s image and likeness. All the belief in another power beside God had to be handled,-understood to have no power. God, not matter, was my strength. God created me and everyone to express Himself. Consequently, as God’s expression, I had unlimited ability to be strong and move freely.

My practitioner, who kept in touch with me every day, recommended an article from the Christian Science Sentinel of Nov. 3, 1987, titled “Glorifying the Infinite” by Eric Bole. This article really jumpstarted me on realizing how to handle the belief of any power to control me other than God, divine Principle.

I stayed at Daystar three weeks. When people inquired of my daughter how I was getting along she would tell them, “my mother really likes it there!” I always felt safe and well-cared for in a calm and loving atmosphere. I loved the beauty of Daystar within its surroundings of green lawns and fields with stately palm trees and magnificent huge live oaks and to top it off, an occasional peacock wandering by.

I shall always remember my stay at Daystar with fond memories.

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