Loving embrace of Christian Science nursing

August 23rd, 2013

….I am grateful that you were able to admit her to your facility with benevolence, thus making her last days more peaceful, surrounded by the personification of Mrs. Eddy’s teachings. This is a great comfort to us all.
Again, thank you and the staff at Daystar for your tireless efforts to make her last days as comfortable as possible in the loving embrace of Christian Science nursing.

A New Year’s note

January 8th, 2013

This is just a little New Year’s note to confess why it is easy to see the innocence and holiness of all at Daystar.
Those who come to Daystar for help are the remnant of our Leader’s seed. They are not nominal worshippers. They have set out to preclude the Adam dream by refusing to take the medical route. They have surrendered all, trusting divine Truth to break the dream. They are God’s merchandise, and will not be tinkered with by any other method. They refuse to be called just a lot of sick folk, but they are a peculiar people. These are among those who have had more than one proof of God’s care, and are waiting for the next one here and now. They arrive at Daystar, where men as angels serve diligently to help meet their needs. The expressed love of the faithful stewards makes them feel that actually God is loving them.

An atmosphere that can’t be beat!

May 25th, 2012

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for all the loving care both my husband and I received from you these last few months.
When it became apparent that my husband needed more care than I could provide, I considered several options. None seemed like the right one. Then someone suggested I call Daystar. By the next afternoon, we were there. When we arrived, my husband was immediately swept into Daystar’s caring family.
Yours is a place that provides for one to “acquaint now thyself with Him and be at peace.” The rest of that verse from Job promises “thereby good shall come unto thee.” Good did come unto both of us, in the form of great care and much progress.
To all of you at Daystar, you are definitely about you Father’s business and demonstrating your oneness with divine Love.

Join us for our 2012 Annual Meeting, Saturday March 17

February 8th, 2012

Reports on a year of Continuing Unfoldment
SATURDAY, MARCH 17 at 10:30 a.m.

REALM OF THE REAL is the talk by Guest Speaker W. Riley Seay, C S.

He has worked for The Christian Science Publishing Society, The Christian Science Monitor, was the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Missouri for 12 years and has been in the healing practice of Christian Science since 1997. Look for his articles and testimonies in both the Christian Science Sentinel and Journal. You also may have heard Mr. Seay on numerous Christian Science Sentinel Radio programs.

The meeting will be at Daystar followed by a picnic lunch.
Reservations needed by March 9th. Call Kathy at 954-473-0167 ext 114

Closeted in Love

October 27th, 2011

In Matthew 6:6, Jesus tells us that when we pray, to enter into our closet and shut the door. Daystar is somewhat like this closet, only you are not the only one in it. The world and all its demands and worries are completely shut out, and best of all, Love and all its facets – consideration, care, thoughtfulness, peace, etc., are closeted with you through the constantly, continuing demonstration of Love by all the staff. You are closeted in the atmosphere of Love.

Whether you reside permanently or are a patient or a short term visitor such as me, healings are inevitable. Daystar is truly a “safe haven” and “closet” from which you emerge a more peaceful and caring person than when you entered.

This may seem like an advertisement, but it isn’t. It’s merely a statement of my personal experiences at Daystar.

Loving Care

June 14th, 2011

My brother and I are so grateful for the loving care and healing our mom experienced at Daystar. From the greeting when we called, the tour, the orderly check-in, the gracious and tasty meals, the hymn sing and fellowship, the principled standards of nursing and the help in the office with bills and forms, we always felt loved, cared for, comforted and supported. You are a haven of love and healing.

Grateful expression

April 13th, 2011

How wonderful to have been a guest here in delightful Daystar! Thanks to each and every one who made my stay so valuable and enriching for me.
I loved the peace and quiet, and the spiritual insights I gained. Thank you again for providing such a haven of healing for the Christian Science community.

A healing remembered

November 29th, 2010

This is an account, from my perspective, of a healing my mother had at Daystar. Mom began to feel pain in her joints and to have some difficulty getting around. Since she had always been very active—swimming, hiking, working on their large property—this was alarming to her. In addition, her dad had similarly suffered with the disease, which was supposed to be hereditary, and this frightened her. As time went on she became more and more disabled and restricted in her movement, but contrary to her usual immediacy in handling challenges, she seemed totally mesmerized by the condition. Finally she decided to go to Daystar and get busy in Christian Science.
For several days after she arrived at Daystar, the biggest challenge was to be able to concentrate because of the pain. A Christian Science practitioner assured her that she was simply “hurting to grow”, and likened that to a sapling that is so impelled to grow that it pushes up a block of concrete to reach the light. Mom said that she loved this, and that it changed the way she looked at the problem.
She also said that the practitioner spoke of names for diseases being like snowflakes. Each snowflake might have a different name, and might seem to light at random on different people, but they have no substance and just melt away—and are never part of the individual. This helped her understand the impersonal nature of error, and to see that this was not “her” condition.
When I came to Daystar, to my delight, she ran to the door to meet me! An interesting point – she never mentioned the illness that sent her to Daystar, but she spoke often of the joy of being there, of how she grew and what she learned during her stay.

A blanket of love!

August 16th, 2010

I was light-headed and sick and felt a very bad pain in my right leg. A Christian Science practitioner and a Christian Science Visiting Nurse agreed that I should come to Daystar. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the dear ones that came to my aid. It was the most immediate healing I’ve ever had. Christian Science, and the love expressed by the ones that understand and practice this Science, is the only way to go. I learned so much through this experience. Trials are proofs of God’s care, and I know it. My gratitude is like a big blanket covering me with love!

Freedom regained

June 3rd, 2010

As a result of a fall which badly injured my knee, I came to Daystar for a haven where I could recover. My decision to go to Daystar came only after trying to recover at home for two weeks, at no avail,- no improvement.

When I first arrived and for several days following, I was unable to lift my leg or bend it deeply. It was almost impossible for me to put on pants or shoes or stockings or dry my feet or wipe between my toes. I was unable to sleep in a bed so I slept in a recliner. I needed arms on a chair for support in getting up.

The loving attendants encouraged me to sleep in a bed and after three days I was able to sleep in the bed, but could only sleep on my back. A couple of nights later I could move over onto one side and then the grand night when I could lay on either side and feel comfortable during my night time sleep.

Soon I graduated from a walker without wheels to a walker with wheels, to no walker at all.

All my needs were being taken care of by the loving, caring staff. The other patients were a pleasure to be with and the whole atmosphere exuded tender, loving care.

The perfect background made it possible for me to advance with my metaphysical study. I delved more deeply into studying to realize the grand truth that God is Spirit and God is All.

The Bible tells us that we are made in God’s image and likeness. All the belief in another power beside God had to be handled,-understood to have no power. God, not matter, was my strength. God created me and everyone to express Himself. Consequently, as God’s expression, I had unlimited ability to be strong and move freely.

My practitioner, who kept in touch with me every day, recommended an article from the Christian Science Sentinel of Nov. 3, 1987, titled “Glorifying the Infinite” by Eric Bole. This article really jumpstarted me on realizing how to handle the belief of any power to control me other than God, divine Principle.

I stayed at Daystar three weeks. When people inquired of my daughter how I was getting along she would tell them, “my mother really likes it there!” I always felt safe and well-cared for in a calm and loving atmosphere. I loved the beauty of Daystar within its surroundings of green lawns and fields with stately palm trees and magnificent huge live oaks and to top it off, an occasional peacock wandering by.

I shall always remember my stay at Daystar with fond memories.